Control Worker Duties
The following is meant to give a brief overview of the expectations of volunteers in the various positions.
Not all team members will be performing all tasks so don't worry if you haven't done some of these things in the past.  The control captains are all experienced individuals and will assist you.
Shannonville Stages 2014
Worker Duties
Potential Duties
Control Teams
Sat. 8:30 - 17:00 Physically setting up control boards
Checking competitors into Control Zone
Recording start times onto control logs and competitors' route cards
Starting Competitors at their correct times
Ensuring safety requirements are met for competitors and workers 
   (HANS, helmets, belts)
Operating timing equipment under direction of Timing Chief.
Recording finishing times onto control logs and competitors' route cards
Reporting to: 
This will be a fast paced assignment, but will put the workers into contact with the rally teams.